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    Hi all,

    Anteeksi, etten kirjoittanut suomeksi – sadetakki on ainoa suomalainen sana, jonka tiedän  :scratch:

    I’m in love with rainwear and shiny pvc / vinyl clothes – can’t get enough of these and turned my hobby into a website ( last year. I’ll be posting some pics here from time to time. Feel free to add your thoughts and comments.

    Just today I added an update (43 pics) of our two love birds…

    preview pic

    Shinyboy avatarjaketheman avatarnappanahka avatar

    Hi folks,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas – to finish holidays in a smooth way I’ve added a Christmas-special-update to – 3 galleries and one movie:

    – dry red / yellow vintage
    – wet shiny black with bikini and lifevest
    – some realllllyyyyy hot lilac set
    – movie (15:35 min) of hot blonde girl in stunning shiny vinyl mac and Hunter wellies

    Find the movie preview here: (and preview pics below)
    Red / yellow retro rainwear


    Hi folks,

    Last update for this year on 11 minutes of Martina in a yellow smooth Friesennerz on a hot day, wearing a white blouse, blue jeans and high heels / wellies – find trailer here:


    Happy New Year to all of you,

    2018 we’re not starting with one, we’re doing two updates. Why not 😉
    ”Hot in a Friesennerz” and ”Shiny red Stutterheim” now available on

    Shinyboy avatar

    Hi all,

    Time for 70 new hot pics on

    Our new girl Miriam just couldn’t believe that she would look sexy in that old used Friesennerz. Well… we tried it out and the raincoat looked beautiful on her sexy body, combined with a white shirt, blue jeans and brown leather boots. After some minutes she agreed that she was feeling really sexy now and even tried wearing the raincoat topless showing much more of her body…

Esillä 5 viestiä, 1 - 5 (kaikkiaan 5)

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