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2010 NY Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Highlights DVD

Foorumit Fetissit Latex-asut 2010 NY Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Highlights DVD

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    The highlights video with over 30 minutes of highlights and interviews from the 2010 New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Contest is now on sale via DVD or direct download for just $20 at:

    teaser trailer on youtube:

    Proceeds will benefit the MRW Travel Fund and the 2011 prize pool and production budget. Many thanks to for all their hard work producing the video. Get your copy NOW and get ready for our 5th Anniversary in January 2011!!!


    I am so happy, that we are vdry far away from that kind of junkparties. this is a joke, right? teaser was more disappointing than encouraging. please, no that kind of advertising anymore.

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    However, unit1421 is seriously promoting this New York Rubber Ball. I’m not in the positon to say any negative words about lifestyle in USA, since I’ve not been there.

Esillä 3 viestiä, 1 - 3 (kaikkiaan 3)

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